1. Centennial Glen Canyon

    Centennial Glen Canyon, Blue Mountains, New South Wales

  2. Green Grocer Circada

    A green grocer circada in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. They spend seven years underground before emerging for their six week life as an adult!

  3. Welcome Swallows

    This pair of welcome swallows are building a mud nest under the eaves of a friend’s house. I’ve seen them repeatedly perform this behaviour where one…

  4. Myall Lakes

    We’re travelling up the New South Wales coast and stopped for a few nights at Myall Lakes National Park. I saw lots of wildlife! A goanna!…

  5. Sooty Oystercatchers

    A pair of sooty oystercatchers getting dinner in Jervis Bay, New South Wales.

  6. The Eastern Spinebill

    Coronavirus lead to my partner and I spending 3 months living on the edge of a small town in central Victoria. One of my daily joys while there was…

  7. Galerina patagonica

    This fungus is Galerina patagonica, which feeds on rotting wood. Many species in the Galerina genus contain the same deadly amatoxins that are found…

  8. A Djurite Dawn

    I took this photo from the top of Djurite/Mount Arapiles, on a cold but clear morning, a few days after the winter solstice. Due to COVID, that…