Weeknotes 8

  1. This week I joined Enspiral as a contributor. (If you want to know what Enspiral is, I recently wrote about their book, Better Work Together.)

    You can read about what it means to be a contributor in the publicly-available Enspiral Handbook.

    In the process, I’ve gained access to a number of communication channels such as Loomio and Slack. It’s now kind of up to me to figure out how to engage with the network. I’ve already had a number of suggestions about ways to get involved, some of which I’m going to be following up on.

  2. Yesterday I had a video call with Rob, who works on Loomio. We ‘met’ two weeks ago via another video call. He was looking for somebody to talk to on a regular basis about the software and product questions he’s encountering while working on it, so hopefully I can be of some use there.

  3. I finished reading Way of the Peaceful Warrior which is on the one hand an easy to read novel and on the other hand deeply thought-provoking. I liked it.

  4. Did you know that there’s an organism called Pando which is estimated to be the heaviest known organism (6 million KGs), as well as one of the oldest (80,000 years)?!


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