Weeknotes 6

  1. This week has been full, but the filling was nutritious. I’ve had quite a few coffees and lunches, and there have been some thought-provoking conversations along the way. I feel really grateful for this!

  2. I’ve also spent quite a bit of time making a last-ditch attempt to develop some climbing endurance before my partner and I go to the Blue Mountains for a two week climbing trip. I’m writing this from the passenger seat as we drive up to Mount Hotham for the weekend to join some friends for their not-wedding celebration. We’ll then journey on to the ‘Blueies’. I’m looking forward to it—we haven’t had a decent stint of outdoor climbing since before we moved to Australia.

  3. I’m turning 30 on Sunday. I think when I was 20 I probably had the notion that I’d have this thing called life figured out by now. In one of my conversations this week we talked about aiming for what is on the horizon. Of course, the feature of a horizon is that you never arrive there. I like that, and I’m trying to learn to be more comfortable living in a state of uncertainty.

  4. One tangible thing I produced this week was a write-up about Better Work Together, the book about Enspiral.

  5. I think this video about a journey through Chile and Patagonia is lovely.

Since I’m going to be on holiday, I’ll skip the weeknotes for the next couple of weeks. See you when I get back!


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