Weeknotes 4

  1. I spent the Labour Day long weekend near Warburton with my partner. It was nice to get a bit of a hit of nature—Australian forests and bird life are definitely more impressive than what you usually get in the UK. I also had the new (to me) experience of having to keep a watchful eye on the state emergency warnings due to a large bushfire nearby. Fortunately it didn’t really affect us other than that we saw helicopters going over quite a bit.

    It did make me a bit sad to wander through the forest looking at these impressive trees, thinking that they’ll probably all burn down at some point as these events get more common and more severe. (Australia has just had its hottest summer on record.)

  2. On Monday I pondered whether I would like to enter the City of Melbourne’s Open Innovation Competition. I went to the launch event for it last week. In the end I decided against it—I’m not particularly grabbed by the theme and also don’t have a huge amount of time before the submission deadline as I’m going on holiday for a couple of weeks soon.

  3. I spent quite a bit more time tweaking my website and its content this week. I think I’m done for now. Feedback gratefully received!

  4. Thought for the day (week?):

    Don’t compare your insides with other people’s outsides


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