Weeknotes 17: to where do you hurry?

  1. We moved house last week. It was busy. I did not write any weeknotes.

    We’ve moved in with another couple. We decided to consciously open ourselves up to living in more of a house-community rather than just as a couple by ourselves. It’s early days obviously but I’m feeling positive about this change. I’m also loving that I now live in a part of Melbourne with fewer cars and less concrete, not far from the Merri Creek, and with a garden! 🌳

  2. Ok, some nerd talk: I’ve been appreciating SitePrism recently, which helps you use page objects in Capybara tests. It takes a bit of getting used to, but really helps improve test readability and maintainability I think.

  3. In the midst of the move we squeezed in going to the opening night of the Melbourne Spoken Word & Poetry Festival (we’d actually booked it before deciding to move house). There were many good acts but I was blown away by Arielle Cottingham – I couldn’t find a video of her performance on the night but here’s one from 2016.

  4. While we’re on poetry, I found this one the other day: The Tree Speaks by John Englezos. It’s quite beautiful.

    Sweet human, to where do you hurry?
    Stop, even for a moment
    Cease your storming
    Peace, be still
    Sit at the foot of me
    Hide in my shade
    Rest and sink in
    Rest until you can stand again


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